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You have found a presearch engine that only lists results of other search engines (major portals, link directories and niche) and searchable websites (multimedia files, social media, news, forums, people, etc). You will find free tools (bookmarklets, browser plugins, web forms, etc) for searching these sites to make research faster and easier across the internet. For best results you should be searching for a topic or type of place to search (if you want to learn about Viagra, search for health or medicine type sites). Try the Presearcher bookmarklet.

We have the top 2,500 searchable sites listed plus thousands of niche search sites included in our database. You can even submit your own searchable sites HERE.

Some URL hack samples (use 3 keywords at most):,,,,,

You can get bookmarklets for each search site or combine a genre of marklets into one useful editable dropdown bookmarklet (example: torrents).

This portal makes sites similar to obsolete!

Comparison Web Searcher

With this search tool you can search the top 200 search engines, portals, social media & multimedia sites side by side in a split screen for easy comparisons. Compare results for various topics (latest NEWS, shopping prices, popular videos, social networking, top metasearch engines, health/medicine, jobs/employment, etc). This is a great tool for searching the internet! Drag & drop the Yahoogle bookmarklet to your favorites bar.

This tool is highly customizable so you can personalize settings, themes and your favorite websites (either dynamic searches configured to work with performed searches or static pages). Demos: default/normal,  text to speech synthesis, bilingual, other language, 25 categories (ex: health, shopping, social media, torrents or combined), add custom searches/pages (tool to help find thousands) custom left page, custom left search, custom right page, custom right search, both left/right custom pages, personalized color theme, added favorites (tool used to help get favelet codes), dual Google (compare 2 different search terms like Canada), safe for kids version, dictionary lookup, file types (PDF, MP3), search any TLD (.mil, .gov, .org, .edu, .xxx, .ca, .us, .uk), Dual Google (can be done with any searchable sites, demo), make any site searchable as you view it, search any site/domain and other hidden modes (single, lite, safe, split, mens, etc). As you can see, this tool is very hackable (easy to customize). Drag & drop the bookmarklet once you have it configured the way you need for a handy start page. You can even install this as your default search engine for when you search in the address bar of your web browser. Make your own Google (or other search engines) combination searches (ex: bingle, binghoo).

Some unusual URL hacks are also available. #1: Make a custom URL that contains up to 3 search terms embedded like or (each word must be separated with a period/dot). #2: Take a typical URL like and add after the TLD (T.L.D. = top level domain, .com in this case) to look like and you will get an interesting look at the page and find out more about the site you are visiting (TLD samples:, #3: Just change the name of the presearch pages (use dash for spaces) like,,, (unlimited keywords).

Sites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and are made obsolete with this tool!

Power Searcher

This tool is similar to the dual search above, except you are on one main page with links to the top 200 search engines with your search terms embedded and ready to use (just click a link and auto search the main search term for each site). This site does not use frames (the Comparison Web Searcher above does) which is the only advantage over Yahoogle (some sites do not work in frames like This PowerSearch tool is not as advanced as the Yahoogle searcher, but it's a simple way to display related links on an easy to presearch page (handy for searching same term over multiple popular sites).

URL hacks (change page name): #1: Manipulate the subdomain (use dots for spaces) like,,,

Sites like,,,, are made obsolete with this tool!